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Stock Trading: AximTrade Rolls Out 70+ Stocks

AximTrade is rolling out its swap-free stock trading, in a move that allows its clients to easily get into the stock market and invest in the stocks of global companies and tech giants. Get an edge in the stock market and seamlessly diversify your investment portfolio with a leading broker. AximTrade’s clients can enjoy unlimited access to a wide selection of global stocks. Over 70 stocks are now at your fingertips with the lowest spreads.

Stocks You Can Trade with AximeTrade​

AAPL.axApple Inc
ABT.axAbbot Laboratories
ADBE.axAdobe Systems Inc.
AIG.axAmerican International Group
AMZN.axAmazon Com
AXP.axAmerican Express
BAC.axBank Of America
BBY.axBest Buy Co Inc.
BIDU.axBaidu Inc.
BRKB.axBerkshire Hathaway Cl B
CL.axColgate-Palmolive Co
CSCO.axCisco Systems
DAL.axDelta Air Lines Inc.
DIS.axWalt Disney Company
EXPE.axExpedia Inc.
GE.axGeneral Electric
GM.axGeneral Motors
GOOG.axAlphabet Inc Class C
GS.axGoldman Sachs Group
HD.axThe Home Depot Inc.
HLT.axHilton Worldwide
HPQ.axHP Inc
JNJ.axJohnson & Johnson
JPM.axJP Morgan Chase
LMT.axLockheed Martin Corp
LUV.axSouthwest Airlines Co
MA.axMastercard Cl A
MGM.axMGM Resorts International
MMM.ax3M Co
MRK.axMerck & Co Inc.
MRNA.axModerna, Inc.
NKE.axNike Inc.
NTES.axNetEase Inc
PEP.axPepsiCo, Inc.
PG.axProcter &Gamble
PINS.axPinterest Inc.
SBUX.axStarbucks Corp
SQ.axSquare Inc.
TGT.axTarget Corp
TQQQ.axProShares UltraPro QQQ
TSLA.axTesla Motors
WMT.axWall-Mart Stores Inc.
WYNN.axWynn Resorts Ltd
XOM.axExxon Mobil
YUM.axYum Brands Inc.
ZM.axZoom Video Communications Inc.

Reasons to Start Stock Trading​

The stock market has created generous returns to investors over the years. By investing in stocks, you own a part of the company. As the company grows, the stock will deliver higher returns. The S&P 500 has annually returned 8% to 12% on average. However, the stock market is known for its volatility as some drops can be devastating for some unprofessional investors. But if you’re able to manage your fear and trade wisely, stock trading has the potential for significantly higher returns than other investment options over the long term. Here are some benefits of stock trading:

  1. Diversification: stock trading allows investors to easily build a well-diversified portfolio across several industries.
  2. Liquidity: the stock market enjoys higher levels of liquidity compared to other investments, real estate for instance, which makes it easier to buy and sell in the market.
  3. Regular passive income: investors are able to get dividends, portions of profits, from companies they invest in their stocks.
  4. Hedge against inflation: returns of the stock market remarkably outpace inflation rate, which makes it always a good choice to protect your wealth from getting eroded by higher inflation.
  5. Potential for higher returns: the stock market has always offered the potential for higher returns compared to alternative investments like gold and bonds. During the last century, stock market returns averaged 10% annually compared to 5% or 6% returns from long-term bonds.
Nevertheless, stocks trading entails high level of risk due to high volatility. In severe market moves, investors are subjected to significant losses. That’s why investing in stocks is not for everyone. Before you buy a stock, you have to research the company profile and review financial statements and annual reports and keep up to date with earning reports to assess how profitable you it will be if you buy its stock. Controlling your emotional reactions and making decisions based on market conditions will help you avoid bad decisions made out of fear or greed. Consider checking the market on a regular basis instead of following up frequent fluctuations.

Why Portfolio Diversification Matters?​

Diversification is a key to intelligent investing that allows a trader to balance risk and reward in a smart way by diversifying assets. A well-diversified portfolio minimizes risks and limits exposure to potential volatility that may affect your portfolio over time. Portfolio diversification is the practice of spreading investments across several asset classes, instead of directing all investments into a single asset. However, it’s worth remembering that portfolio diversification is not a guarantee against loss nor ensures the success of investments. But it can help in mitigating the volatility and risk in your portfolio.

A diversified portfolio helps your investments to stand against fluctuations and absorb any shocks that may result from market disruptions. Diversification goes beyond the types of assets to asset classes as well. A smart trader invests in different industries that are picking up.

How Does AximTrade Help You Diversify Your Portfolio?​

All users can enjoy unlimited access to a wide selection of forex pairs, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrency. Open a forex account now with AximTrade and enjoy access to multiple assets and premium trading services. AximTrade offers a diversity of trading options that suits individual trading needs. You can choose between various account types, based on your trading strategy, experience, and capital designed for investment. Choices include Standard, Cent, ECN account and infinite leverage account.

Why Choose AximTrade?​

Enjoy favorable trading conditions with AximTrade; especially when it comes to margin and leverage levels. You can control your real-time risk exposure by monitoring your used and free margin as together make up your equity.

AximTrade provides a leverage range that helps you choose your preferred risk level that can be reduced by applying custom leverage. The leverage varies according to your account type and equity, up to 1:infinite leverage.

With AximTrade, the best broker for you, explore the best trading experience through fast order execution (0.004s), instant deposit and withdrawal supported by a wide variety of payment methods, tight spreads, minimum deposit starting from $1, commission-free accounts, excellent customer service, and more.

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