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Unveiling the Future: Join the Omniamus ICO Revolution

Michael Bernard

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Unlocking the Future: Your Exclusive Invitation to Join Omniamus, Inc.

Discover a World of Possibilities with Omniamus, Inc.

Unveiling the Future: Join the Omniamus ICO Revolution

Be a part of history with our cutting-edge crypto venture.


I am Cristian Anuta, the founder of Omniamus, Inc., a groundbreaking American startup poised for remarkable growth. We are on a mission to challenge the titans of the tech industry and redefine the future. We believe in the power of innovation, and we're excited to invite visionary investors like you to be a part of our journey.

Our vision is bold - to create a new kind of blockchain-powered world where all content, goods, and services are accessible exclusively through our Omni (O/\/\) Cryptocurrency. People will use their local currency (dollars, euros, and more) to acquire Omni (O/\/\) Cryptocurrency and unlock a new era of online transactions.

With your support, we plan to launch 10-13 game-changing companies simultaneously, all at a fraction of the cost when compared to Western countries, thanks to the highly skilled engineers in our home country, Romania. Wages are x5 less than in the US, making your investment x5 more powerful and already receiving x5 the return.


The ROI just after being financed ($2.3m) will be x6.89 times multiple
The ROI at launch (given just $3m) will be x8.69 times multiple for the first $10,000 investors. There is a lot of data in the excel file on our Detailed Initial Coin Offering (ICO) helping you calculate how many Omni Coins you get per investment given current price, by selecting all following boxes.

Total Market Cap given current Omni Coin price.
Total Market Cap if all crypto is sold.

4 years after launch given 100%
crypto market absorption $1.28 trillion would mean given 222,222,222 Omni Coins that each Omni would be worth $5,760 and a $56,000 investment right now would yield you 1,357,329.70 $OmniCoins which would be worth around $7,818,219,110.

What's in the pipeline:

• Omniamus:
Redefining how content is created, and shared, and rewarding creators with 28-30% earnings through microtransactions and cryptocurrency.

• A HAPS (high altitude platform system) drone that flies 24/7 solar powered and replaces all GSM towers serving an area of up to 400 km diameter. This, with a phone manufacturing company providing cutting-edge specs and free internet, voice, and SMS for 1.5 years, priced just below Apple's iPhone, would drive most manufacturers out of the market.

• Fast Fashion: A cutting-edge approach to fashion trends.

• Innovative Dating Platform that finds your best match given biometrics, and additional classified compatibility matching.

• An AI drone that captures your adventures like never before, automatically creating highlights of your time, suggesting you variants, and potentially automatically uploading them to all social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and of course Omniamus.

• Cutting-edge crime deterrence and recording drones that flies at least 24 hours around you, livestreaming everything and identifying people for those wanting to see what's up with someone - security, entertainment.

• High-fashion ventures.

• Futuristic car designs, including flying cars.

• A drone solution to combat global warming, each planting up to 40,000 trees a day at a fraction of the cost of regular planting, as well as cutting-edge carbon absorption technology that can be implemented right now.

• A device that identifies body language and gives unprecedented advantages in business, negotiations, dating, every day life to pick up when someone lies to you, reading people given the context, adding augmented reality insights to your daily life.

Now, imagine being part of something unprecedented. We aim to reshape the landscape of tech giants, internet and phone brand companies, and the global economy, with our cryptocurrency and complete anonymity at the heart of this transformation, deterring bad behavior while incentivizing good behavior and exposure of corruption, fraud, and crime. A new level of worldwide security and safety, preventing and stopping wars, famine, and poverty, encouraging development at levels never seen before through crowdfunding projects sustained by the people, for the people - them deciding what gets built where. Development without borders at just a fraction of the cost.

Get in early, and your investment could grow exponentially.
We offer you a 6% stake in newly issued Omni cryptocurrency for every investment you refer to us. After launch, the value of your 6% stake will soar, potentially thousands of times, making you an unbelievable amount of money.

This is our invitation for our Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and we are committed to the long-term perspective, with expansion at the forefront. Our cryptocurrency will be the exclusive means of purchasing content, goods, and services on our platform, signaling a potential shift in the cryptocurrency landscape, a wealth transfer like never seen before from all crypto to ours because ours has pragmatic use. That's a $1.26 trillion market that could migrate to us.

The future is full of possibilities, and we invite you to be a part of this extraordinary journey. Your investment has the potential to multiply like never before. Get in early, and let's change the game together.


Join us in shaping the future. Together, we can redefine the world of finance and technology.

Thank you for your valuable time and your consideration.

Best regards,

Cristian (Eno) Anuța

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