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Weekly Summary!! 07 June 2021

There's nothing much to report from last week. No trades hit. I also skipped USA ISM Manufacturing PMI. I've been monitoring this report closely and was considering trading it. Still, I don't have the confidence yet, so I will continue to monitor the market's reactions for a bit longer. No deviation on the weekly DOE crude oil inventories or Non-Farm Payrolls. A pretty dull start to the month, but no losses taken, which remains the most important goal to achieve.

This week there are just two trades. I'll be putting my money on the following list.

09/06/2021 15:00:00

Canadian Overnight Rate

See the history here

https://calendar.galaxysoftwareinc.com/#/calendar;nbc=CA;nn=BoC Interest Rate Decision

10/06/2021 13:30:00

USA Core CPI m/m

See the history here

https://calendar.galaxysoftwareinc.com/#/calendar;nbc=US;nn=Core CPI (MoM)

I'm looking for new information in real-time. As the markets change, so will my planned trades. If you don't see a trading plan posted before the trade, I'll let you know why I decided not to trade it, vice versa; if new opportunities come up, I'll post my plan as far in advance as possible, so keep watching this space for updates. I work in real-time so do my plans.

Please feel free to ask questions.

Good luck this week.

James Thatcher