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What is position trading in Forex?


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Position trading is characterized by longer holding periods than other forms of trading. As a result, there is a higher chance of success, but also a higher possibility for profit. Many of the world's wealthiest investors throughout history have amassed their fortunes through position trading.

In one of his most recent newsletters, trader Joe Ross described what may be the longest example of position trading in history, one that lasted nearly ten years (from 1991 to 2000). The investor in issue opened a long-term position in the S&P 500, which he held for a long time, making a profit of $16 million by using a trailing stop that was triggered only when he felt a sufficient profit had been made.

In addition to being a superb investor and drawing a significant following of admirers like Warren Buffet, Philip A. Fisher was also a well-known position trader who was known for his focus on good firms with very optimistic statistics. Fisher made a long-term investment in Motorola stock in 1955, and he held on to it until his death at the age of 96.

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Position trading refers to long-term plan trading, here traders usually hold a position for maybe more than a month over a week, there are certain position traders who even hold a position more than a year, usually they use large trading capital and sometimes take benefit from swap fee, however, trader possible to avoid swap cost by register broker and choose free swap for Islamic account, it is possible in FXOpen


Swap free accounts are helpful in avoiding swap charges, many good regulated brokers offer such accounts - fxview, ic markets, fxtm. Position traders would prefer such accounts where they don’t have to pay roll over fees.
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