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Why Do Most People Fail At Retail Trading?


The majority of traders lose money in the market due to a lack of knowledge and a poor risk management system. As a new trader, you may find yourself in a difficult position as you try to balance the need to make money with the need to minimise risk.


Particularly in trading, a person's psyche and thinking can either make or break them. All of it is mental. You lose far more quickly than you gain when you try to create rapid money. Making large mistakes by attempting to earn a large profit with a small investment, taking large risks, and using leverage.
Traders fail because they don’t stick to the right process, which involves studying and practising forex trading. But, I made sure that I followed the process, so I took a few courses on Udemy and created a free demo account with coinexx. Continued with the process for almost a month before I started live. I still use demo account to this day for honing my skills and testing new strategies.


They enter the market without proper research and knowledge. Forex market doesn’t entertain traders who don’t understand its dynamics. It is a skill that requires consistent practice and discipline.


They do not consider practising on a demo account and the knowledge necessary to trade forex. If they consider them, they won’t fail as many do.
A thorough practical knowledge is required to trade forex. Many traders lack the essential trading knowledge because they do not practise on a demo account. Plus, they are not disciplined enough to trade forex.
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