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Will the $Hpt token be the new bnb?

Michael Bernard

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High Perform Technology

Will the $Hpt token be the new bnb?

$hpt token will be on presale until the launch of the highperformex.com exchange, therefore a unique opportunity for those who purchase it today in presale at 6 $ cents because it will be listed on the highperformex.com-owned exchange at 10 $ cents and will be used as a gas fee from the exchange like the bnb on finance

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our site is Highperform.tech and we have a presale of our token at presale.highperform.tech and on May 1st our exchange will be launched on the hiperformex.com domain and the $hpt token will be the site's gas fee as it is bnb for Binance and bgb for bitget etc etc. We offer a huge growth opportunity for the token


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