$YETI - The next memecoin!

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❖ $YETI - The next memecoin!


Greetings, crypto adventurers and visionary investors!

Prepare to experience a journey with Yeti, Where the synergy of community spirit, strong memes, and beautiful design creates an experience unlike any other. Embark on a path where not only do we conquer new horizons, but we also uplift each other to reach remarkable heights.

The Tribe: Yeti's pulse resonates with a vibrant community that isn't just a part of our project—it IS the project. When the Tribe comes together ain´t nobody stopping us, you thought yetis didn´t exist ask the Tribe who they are.

The Team: The Yeti team isn't just behind the scenes; we're right there in the trenches, side by side with our community. Our dedication is unwavering, ensuring that every decision made is for collective growth and prosperity.

The Plan: Designed to take over the blockchain. Every bit of revenue earned is reinvested into marketing and amplifying our message, ensuring that our project doesn't just succeed—it soars. We're driven to deliver value to our community and become the biggest memecoin in the whole space, and our Tribe has the same vision as us.

Join us to create a legacy that echoes through the crypto scene. Together, we're not just building a project, we're climbing mountains.


Website: www.yeticoin.net

Twitter/X: www.x.com/YetiCoinERC


Contract: 0xde55227b37a9e713f2cb94330aaa5aa9049c6b8d



100.000.000 initial supply

2% max wallet

1% buy tax/2% sell tax

4.2% CEX wallet

2.8% Marketing wallet

3x1% Team Tokens


Come and check out the vibes yourself. Meet the team and our community. Don't wait any longer and join the Yeti Tribe!

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