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Euro trades near the support level, but can break it and fall


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Hello, dear traders, we are new here, so we ask you to support our ideas by asking "SUBMIT" and COMMENTS, and you can also freely ask any questions in the comments, we will try to answer everyone, thank you guys.

Today we will look at the price of EUR/USD .
I draw your attention to the graph, where we can see how the price increased, after which it formed a small range.
The price is near the support line.
The euro can break through the support level and go down.
In my opinion, after a possible breakdown, the price can fall to the support area.
There are 2 targets for EURO.
1: 1.0150; 2: 1.0000-0.9930

I expect this scenario, so be prepared for the next moves.
Thank you for your time, we hope our work suits you and you are satisfied, we wish you a nice day and great profits.
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