Geminion CopyTrade Profit 10%-80%/Months BEP 1-5Months


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Greetings, I am a trader from Indonesia. Having started trading since 2008, has experienced many ups and downs in the trading world.
verage - 1:500 Please join your Future Financial Free
My trades are done manually, because trading using EA is a soulless trade, and only a trade made by a coward. For me 'Trading is an Art'. In-depth knowledge is needed to read market movements, an understanding of Fundamental and Technical analysis as well as trading psychological factors such as fear and greed which are not owned by a trader who has no experience and does not learn from his mistakes.

It is enough to trade only the eurusd pair, paying attention to important news that greatly affects the level of volatility.

The recommended minimum deposit is $576 and multiples apply.

Target profit/month Min 10% Max 80%.

Target BEP Min 1 Month - Max 5 Months.

Capital Resistance Target (Drawdown) Min 4% Max 50% (Risk).

Leverage - 1:500

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