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Hi, everyone.


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Hi everyone! I'm not new to trading, but I'm also brand new to this forum. Hoping to find some insightful posts.


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Hello and welcome, I hope you are doing well too :)

Edit: oops, I just noticed this is an old post... it's just, the thing about uncertain times still stands true...
Hey guys, the pandemic is still here and we better take care of ourselves. I hope you have a great time trading your favourite assets.


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Hello, welcome to the family! This is a great way to interact with fellow traders to learn better! Good luck.


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Hey guys, the pandemic is still here and the markets are still uncertain. Stay safe and keep your trading accounts safe too.


Welcome to the market, traders. Hoping to hear more about your trading journey and the lessons you've learned. Good Luck.


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Hello, welcome to the fam! How has your journey been so far? It is great to see everyone supporting each other here. Cheers!
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