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Hi, everyone.


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Hello. I hope you are doing fine as well. Times are tough and uncertain, but I hope we all can make it through.


Welcome, Skrimon. Please feel free to discuss the experiences you've had and the insights you've gained trading forex. All the best!


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I hope everyone is doing fine in these uncertain times.

Great to ask, we are fine, hope you're fine too. And enjoy your trading days. Keep yourself updated about each broker information and regulations, I used to check that at WikiFx website.


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Hey! Welcome abroad! I hope we will get to know more about forex trading from you, especially looking forward to hearing some insider stories of personal experience and trade strategy ideas.

Yes sure , we aimed at learning from individual experienc, especially from the well experienced traders 😁. From my side I can suggest a website which I used to check to know about Forex updates, Brokers review and information so that I can trade safely. The website name is WikiFx , you can check that too


Hi, welcome to the forum! Hope you learn through patience, skills and by understanding the market sentiment. Good luck for future moves!


Hello, and thank you for joining us here at the forum. I can't wait to hear about your experiences and get your perspective on things.


Hi Skrimon! How has your trading experience gone so far? What was your strategy in dealing with the market downfall?


Hi Skrimon! You have been a very active member in the forum ever since your joining. Thank you for all your informative posts.


Hi there, welcome to the forum. Glad to have you part of our small community. Feel free to share any doubts you may have. Hope you achieve success and learn. Good luck!
Hello, forex trading is a risky industry. You can't be certain about the market. However, success in the market is achievable.
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