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How to check a broker is regulated?


New member
I see experts say we should to trade on regulated brokers? But do you know how to know they are regulated? Any suggestions?

Billy Thompson

New member
Choosing a broker is a tough task. There are some good brokers and some bad brokers in the forex market. It is very important to choose a good broker for trading in forex market. Good broker can be identified by some of their basic features such as, their leverage system, spread system, customer service etc. I use Tpglobalfx. They provide low spreads start from 0.01 pips. their highest leverage is 1:500 which sounds good in forex market. They also provide me 24 X 5 customer service, if i have faced any problem. They are really good broker in forex market.
Forex Broker helps traders to execute their trade easily and smoothly. Traders need to choose the broker wisely. By choosing wrong broker While I trade in the market I rely on Tpglobalfx. This broker has tight spreads, unblemished execution, dynamic leverage and ease of trading facilities than any other broker in the forex market. Anyone can easily trade with the help of this broker.


New member
Frankly speaking, I started using services of dekocorp without preliminary checking them. But my friends assured me that this option is trustworthy and now I see it was the right choice because I like the features and services they offer.