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The YETTI PRO Robot is an updated champion, and it is available for free now


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Dear friends, we are pleased to present the revolutionary YETTI PRO Robot – completely updated the legendary Yetti.

The Simple Invest developers are so confident in the product that they provide a 15 days free test for any trader on any broker.

Why? Because the Yeti PRO Robot is a multi-currency multifunctional advisor that works confidently on any timeframe and is trained for any, even the most unpredictable market conditions! The Expert Advisor comes with proven and history-optimized templates for various diversified pairs.

➕ The profitability depends on the settings you choose:

conservative: 100% per annum
moderate: 200%-350% per annum
aggressive: 500%-2500% per annum

The new Yetti PRO robot main features:

➖15 days of testing on any broker and on any account without contacting support;
➖Smart "TT" link allows you to fix the trawl before the time;;
➖ The double locking system allows you to hedge positions in case of strong volatility;
➖ Pleasant visual, information panel and multilingualism;
➖ Downloading information from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange allows you to better navigate the market;
➖ Determination of a safe price range for trading (the main option interest levels of large market participants according to CME data);
➖ Smart drying allows you to exit the market quickly;
➖ Trading time intervals allow you to adjust the robot for trading in the required time zones;
➖ Competent and safe exit from the market before the option contracts expiration (expiration of monthly option contracts according to CME data) ;
➖ The breaking candles system allows you not to open extra orders with sudden movements;
➖ and much more

All the details and tests in our chat - SIRobots

P.S.: Download, share truthful reviews about the robot's work, it can extend the free license period for you! All profitable trading!

At the moment the tests and optimization of the AUDUSD set are completely finished. - Monitoring

Tests with all 2021 and 2022 years, deposit - $200.
Once you need to top up the tester in the $150 amount (this is in March 2021).

Taking into account the fact that CME, News, Smart-drying and stop trading do not work in the tester, it is likely that in real life you would not have to top up your account.
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The second flagship set for YETTI PRO

EuroCrisis set:
- when - 2020, 2021, 2022 years
- minimum deposit - $200 (200.00)
- account type - cent
- leverage - 1:1000

Average drawdown 45%

Average profitability 100% per year

We use a fixed take profit in this set. When it is disabled, the trailing stop is activated, it is also already set.

When trailing the profitability rises by 2.5 times, but the risks also increase, although they are within the normal range +-100% topping up.

First 10 days on EURUSD!
Impressive result!

The maximum drawdown was 8.8%

Income 18.98%


The robot earned 21% in 18 days on AUDUSD.

Maximum drawdown was 18%.
There are so many files ex4 in my harddisk, including the name robot of Yetti and there are activation code, but so far I am still not yet trying the robot because still prefer to work manually,

So the month of celebrating our birthday has come to an end!

In total, more than 10 promoes were launched!!!!

The last 4 promotions end today

And this means that it's time for owners and buyers to conduct express reviews of the products they bought... or who missed out! Don't miss your chance!

In the New Year with new knowledge!!!!
Happy New year!!! Ho-ho-ho!!!

Unprecedented promotions from Simple Invest Group and NPBFX broker (only for our clients)

- 23% discount on all robots! By promo code Simple23!

New Year's bonus for Simple Invest Group clients from NPBFX broker

Drawdown 50% bonus to any deposit EVEN ON CENT ACCOUNTS!!!
- The bonus is intended to support the account in time of a drawdown
- Withdrawal of funds will be available without any fees
- the presence of a bonus does not affect the withdrawal of funds from the account!

How to get it?
1. Follow the link
2. Activate the promotion through the manager
3. Deposit account, get bonuses and earn
For all questions feel free to ask @simpleync

No NPBFX account yet?
Register using the link below and earn:

YETI PRO update

- fixed the problem with hanging
- reduced RAM load
- changed the news filter
- redesigned "extra time" module function
- fixed text errors
- fixed the "DRYING" mode conflict
- updated and structured settings templates
- added the function of protecting the recalculation of positions
- the Template name is now saved correctly when saving settings

✔️ The file and the finished sets have already been uploaded to FTP and are available for download.

❗️The file and the finished sets have already been uploaded to FTP and are available for download.

I remind you that free 15 days trial is available to everyone for tests!

➡️The robot is designed for cent accounts.

YETTI PRO - we are going well!

AUDUSD aggressive set - withstood a move of 250 pips with a 30% load and a large margin.

EuroCrisisset - zero load on the deposit with a yield of 20% per month.

XAGUSDset - we expect 100% per annum at the base payment, we show the minimum number of orders and margin load in the market.

The robot can also be used on demo accounts!

I noticed a strange trend that those who use the robot are divided into three camps.

1 - those who buy immediately without tests.
2 - those who test and then try again to install and outwit the system
3 - those who read, like but do not use

Well, it's time to take stock of the outgoing year! The year was tough for the markets, a lot of things happened and the global economy began to plunge into recession. Unfortunately, there were leaks, but they helped to identify the strengths and weaknesses of robots and settings, and make them better and more resilient to the realities of the new market.

- For 2022, 4 big updates were released on YETTI CLASSIC
- Launched RoboEducation
- The pool of active clients has exceeded 100 people for more than 1 year
- Developed, tested and released robot YETTI PRO
- Finished 1.5 year work on SCARAB monocurrency robot
- Connected to franchise and WL - 4 new partners
- Released 2 major updates for SATYR and PEGAS robots
- Increased VPS capacity while maintaining prices
- New concepts for the development of the project for 2023 have been formed
- Placed robots on two marketplaces
- Added partners and recommendations of another forex broker

My public portfolio earned 108.51% for 2022!
Taking into account the expenses and drains of some accounts, about 94% in $$$ came out clean

✅ Yetti Classic Godset agr earned 339% in 194 days
Maximum drawdown 52%
4 additions were made in sizes from 30% to 100%

✅ Yetti Comba Copy (eurusd + usdchf+gbpusd+xauusd) earned 234% in 286 days
The maximum drawdown on the account is 93% (this drawdown without topping up)
3 refills were made from 25% to 100%

✅ Yetti Classic Godset earned 148% in 180 days

✅ SATYR BIG EURGBP earned 132.45% in 180 days
Maximum drawdown 72%
Topping up 1 time in the amount of 100%

✅ Yetti Comba (eurusd + usdchf+gbpusd+xagusd) earned 100% for $30,000 in 192 days!
Maximum drawdown 70%
Topping up 1 time in the amount of 30% -50%

The rest of the robots earned an average of 75-100 days from 20% to 75%.

Plans for 2023:
- launch the SCARAB
- transfer of all robots to the new licensing system
- development of packages for clients
- new personal area
- improved training system for robot owners
And a couple of secret things, for which there will be separate announcements!

Happy New Year!

So, the January holidays are over!
And this means that it's time to prepare accounts and servers for the new trading year!

YETTI PRO did not turn off, and even vice versa - all protection systems were turned off, as a result robots earned from 5% to 15% over the past two weeks.
YETTI PRO page has appeared on our site - where monitoring and information about sets have been added.

What you need to do before starting trading:
- check the servers
- restart terminals
- check with the latest versions of robots
- check the sets and lots for your balances
- check licenses

I will start adding the ENTIRE study group to the RoboEducation course chat within 3-4 days.

So we are getting ready, updating, turning on robots and starting Monday we are back on the market!

Happy New Year and good luck!

That's all, the January holidays and New Year holidays have passed
Those who have been trading forex for a long time already know that these days the market is thin and unpredictable.
But our YETTI PRO robot did not turn off and worked even in such market.
We can say it was a stress test for the robot and settings. And based on the results of these days and a couple of months, we can sum up the intermediate results (which are very pleasing):

- Aggressive
- Working time is 60 days
- Income is 44%
- Maximum drawdown is 36%
- Payback forecast: 100 days with capitalization

EuroCrisis Set:
- Moderately aggressive
- Working time is 52 days
- Income is 36%
- Maximum drawdown is 4.5%
- Payback forecast: 80-100 days with capitalization

- moderately conservative
- Working time is 46 days
- Income is 16.68%
- Maximum drawdown is 10.38%
- Payback forecast: 150-180 days with capitalization.

The robot shows stable growth even with minimal drawdowns. The security systems work great.

All settings are diversified by pairs and time frames.

Definitely top marks!

The first settings for metatrader 5 will be launched soon

Write to Telegram @simpleinc for a purchase or for any questions regarding the robot or cooperation.

Friends! An unprecedented promotion!

Any investor can get a PORTFOLIO of 10 or more robots absolutely for FREE!


You need money to buy a PORTFOLIO, so let our robots EARN YOU MONEY first, and then YOU DECIDE WHETHER THEY ARE WORTH BUYING THEM!
How it works:
1 - open an account with a broker NPBFX, FreshForex or Roboforex
2 - write me in telegram @simpleync that you want to rent robots (at least 3 robots)
3 - rent a VPS from us
4 - get robots for 60 days!

What is it for?
We are changing the vector from selling single robots towards portfolios.
The more different pairs, robots and strategies - the more chances to increase your total deposit!

For example, clients with portfolios have already earned:
5 robots - 19% for 1 month
13 robots - 77% for 5 months
13 robots - 46% for 4 months
18 robots - 96% for 6 months

🟣Tariffs and monitorings - HERE
🟣Our chat - HERE

Robots and portfolio profit for JANUARY

Yetti Classic Comba RF +30.58%
Yetti Godset Agr +22.87%
JINN +17.36%
SATYR Monster +15%

The first and fourth places were taken by robots available for copying on the Roboforex broker!

YETTI PRO AUDi +13.57%
Yetti Classic XAU m15 +11.38%

ОOther robots earned from +4% to +10%

This month's outsider is SCARAB -13%, caught 3 stops.
But in December it made + 60%

The total increase in the portfolio amounted to +12%

Tariffs and monitorings for robots

In general, the month was not volatile, let's see what happens in February!

Profit to all!!

YETTI COMBA CLASSIC - with fine tuning for your PM and trading type.

- Roboforex broker

- 318 days non-stop

- 340%+ this account earned

How do you like it? Good result?

YETTI PRO update

- changed news filtering system
- a change has been made to the system of breaking candles during sudden movements
- fixed the error of synchronization of the adviser with the server
- localization bug fixed
- adjustments have been made to existing official sets

- What is YETTI PRO?
- Tariffs and a short description
- How to get robots for 60 days for free?

The results of this robot:

- conservative XAG set
- AUDi set

All profit! A new file within 24 hours will be available for download in the personal area.
It is already uploaded to FTP and you can safely update, even if you have open orders.

The storm was notable, the expiration and strengthening of the dollar caused strong non-recoil movements in the market.

Someone creaked, someone puffed, and someone did not notice at all no recoils of 250-350 points.

In general:
- YETTI PRO AUDI - 300 points, max drawdown 26% - passed without any problems.

- YETTI PRO СRISIS - 350 points, traded clearly, without drawdowns.

- YETTI PRO EPICSET - 250 points, the set is considered high-risk and high-volume, the drawdown reached 40%, the margin fell to 600, closed on the rollback of one candle, a close take.
It fulfilled his mission, a weak spot was found, it will be eliminated in the next month.

- YETTI PRO XAG - 230 points no retracement, current drawdown is 10%. Conservative set with a long net - holds the punch well!!!
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