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Trader Partnership Program --- Mutual Benefit To Both --- Me And Partner/trader


Hello I am new here. I am an expert/ top level in forex trading. I use 2 methods to extract/draw money from market.
1 is EA Based Plus Manual termed as Plan 01/ Strategy 01
2 is Fully Manual

I have solid track record of performance with very good profitability and low dds. Proof with Live Account Investor Passwords/ Account Monitoring and Professional Reports in html and pdf format. One can verify the report/s with Account Investor Passwords.
I am here because I want more trading partners whose goal is profits only as a goal of a trader should be profit only. Monthly/Yearly Profit. By having more trading partners I can grow my trading circle as well as my own trading business. Its mutual. I benefit and partner/trader also benefits.

I will be direct to point now. Here are 2 Investor Passwords of my 2 Clients Accounts. They are run by me. Analyze it and if you want to Join Me --- Contact me through channels mentioned below.

Broker: IC Markets [Highly Recommended]
Act No 1000124809
Investor Password TopTic001
Server ICMarketsSC-Live10

Broker: Pepperstone [Highly Recommended]
Act No 11056457
Inv Pass TopTT0300
Server Pepperstone-Edge11

Here is a Screenshot of its History/Performance. This is not a Martingale.

Eurjpy Live Account Full Sheet.png

If anybody wants more reports I can provide. Just Contact Me through the Channels mentioned below.

Here is the graphical view of profitability of My Plan and Methods.





Here is very current


To Join me or Contact me regarding Partnership Use Channels mentioned below
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Here is a Screenshot of its History/Performance. This is not a Martingale.
Refer the attached Pdf and html file.
I post this because if anybody of you is following the Investor Pass Accounts. They have a history of 2 -3 months. This is a 1 year already trading account history. To let you know this is Clients Account who profited so much with me when he joined me that he opened new accounts with me whose investors I have provided above.

Attached are files.

Eurjpy Live Account Full Sheet.png

To Join me


Skype: cid.af60f5cfa0d910c2
Email: [email protected]

The files are for serious traders who want to join the trader partnership program.
Also note I wont be holding this offer of adding traders to my trading circle for long once I have sufficient traders.


  • Statement ---.pdf
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Here I attach the report for 2 Clients running
They are in the order

Client 01 Report 01
Client 01 Report 02
Client 02 Report 01

Observe them and join me asap and dont miss the chance to take the profit
Plus I am showing Investor password that verifies the results

Once my Targets are achieved I will stop taking traders in my Trading Circle
So dont miss this chance and you will miss the chance to Profitable Trading long term
> Again I stress Expected Profit: 20 - 40% monthly
> Low DD if the Deposit is between 1.5K - 2K to your broker
> Minimum Deposit: 1K Recommended Deposit: 2K Ideal Deposit [For max profitability]: 5K
> Raw spreads preferred. Commission no problem at all
> Recommended Brokers: IC Markets & Pepperstone but you are free to chose any

Contacts to reach me

Skype: cid.af60f5cfa0d910c2
Email: [email protected]


  • Statement ---.pdf
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  • Statement --- Act 02.pdf
    134.5 KB · Views: 56
  • Statement --- Act 03.pdf
    137.2 KB · Views: 57


Here is the profit run today

400$ TP EURJPY.png

Around 300$ cumulative all Acts

This can be in your Act too if you Join me in Trader program

Terms and Conditions are very simple. Nothing complicated. Just a profit share end of the month thats it.

To know more or Join me

Skype: cid.af60f5cfa0d910c2
Email: [email protected]
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Right this is the latest run of the massive move on Eurjpy
All TPd
But who didnt join me missed the hot move
This is all captured here on this Live Investor Password Account

Broker: IC Markets
Act No 1000124809
Investor Password TopTic001
Server ICMarketsSC-Live10

I Will be changing the Investor Password of this Account soon

Here is a Screenshot of TP To Rich


Join me now to road to constant profits and richness

Skype cid.af60f5cfa0d910c2
Email [email protected]


Well-known member
Thank you WalletInvestor

And are you interested in account management or copy trading

Let me know privately if you are

Enjoy your stay WalletInvestor and Trading
I am not particularly interested in either of them at the moment, but thank you for offering.
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