Hi Traders, Does someone has a Forex course ? I like to learn it

Hello Andrew,

Welcome to real forex traders world.

You can learn more about forex trading at this forum. Please feel free to ask any question to our forex experts.

Hello, welcome to the forum! There are many courses available online which can be helpful. You can also feel free to share your thoughts here. Good luck for your future in Fx!
Be careful about which courses you sign up for online. Most so-called forex 'educators' make more money 'teaching' inexperienced retail traders very basic strategies than they ever do trading the markets themselves. I got burned in the early days by certain online forex 'educators' who just turned out to be selling snake oil. (I cannot name them for legal reasons).

You know the old saying: "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach".

Personally, I think the most effective way to learn how to trade forex, or any other financial market, is to get a mentor or observe and copy the trades of those who are already successful.

I became consistently profitable through copy trading, just by analysing somebody else's trades who had a long-term track record. I did this over the course of 2 - 3 years and eventually built my own strategy around that.

Best advice I can give is to avoid any forex courses that promote a fancy lifestyle and promise big gains; i.e those who constantly brag on YouTube, Instagram, etc!

Thanks for sharing this. Where are you from in Cornwall?
Fairly new to Forex. I have the Trend-Signal Sniper course. Going to start again in August. I have mainly been a sports trader.
There are so many good free sources to learn forex free like babypips, FPA, and more, usually trading course mentors get earnings from their members.
Hello there, this forum will give you all the help you need. There are many courses online to choose from. It is better to learn online through Youtube and by reading famous books. Good luck.
I can also recommend BabyPips and Forex Military School. Reading news articles and looking up the terms you don't understand is a good way to learn as well, in my experience.
Besides reading lesson education material, practice is a good way to introduce real market conditions, take a demo account and choose the brokers to try out, it's namely learning by doing, since a demo account is free without any risk, traders can improve trading skills.
Hi! Just wanted to point out - you don't necessarily have to pay for a course to learn. Some are available online for free, or you can subscribe to beginner YouTube channels to get access to helpful content.
Hi, you can learn trading for free. No need to buy courses. You can start with Babypips.com. Great source to begin with.
I can also recommend BabyPips and Forex Military School. Reading news articles and looking up the terms you don't understand is a good way to learn as well, in my experience.

Babypips.com is a great place to get started with. A good foundation is important before starting forex. So, new traders should ensure that they give time to practice and learning
Personal preference of course but I found the ICT channel on YouTube helpful and of course that's free. Still need to put the work in to nail down your own strategy though.
Hello, there! You can learn from websites like Babypips and Investopedia. For news, you can follow websites like Bloomberg. You can read books too. To clear your doubts, you can choose to post them on forums like this one.
Here's the best free online Forex course for you offered by the regulated broker AximTrade. Learn Forex with several classes and levels starting with beginner level to advanced level. Introduction to Forex Trading, Learn Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis, Learn Forex Strategies, Forex Indicators, Trend Analysis, and More.
I would recommend new traders to start their forex journey from the free course available on Babypips. You can also check out warrior trading on Youtube to clear technical aspects of trading.
Hi there, there are many courses online for you to choose from, wishing you luck and patience! Stay alert and watch the news for best results.
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