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Hi Traders, Does someone has a Forex course ? I like to learn it


Hello, there! You can learn from websites like Babypips and Investopedia. For news, you can follow websites like Bloomberg. You can read books too. To clear your doubts, you can choose to post them on forums like this one.


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Here's the best free online Forex course for you offered by the regulated broker AximTrade. Learn Forex with several classes and levels starting with beginner level to advanced level. Introduction to Forex Trading, Learn Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis, Learn Forex Strategies, Forex Indicators, Trend Analysis, and More.


I would recommend new traders to start their forex journey from the free course available on Babypips. You can also check out warrior trading on Youtube to clear technical aspects of trading.


Hi there, there are many courses online for you to choose from, wishing you luck and patience! Stay alert and watch the news for best results.


I would suggest you to learn it for free!
If you're interested in learning about forex trading, there are plenty of great resources available online. You can prefer to watch videos from YouTube channels that focus on forex trading. There are many different channels out there that can provide helpful information and tips. Some of our favourites include Trading with Rayner, and The Trading Channel.
While there is a lot of valuable information available for free on YouTube, keep in mind that not all of it is created equal.


Hello, welcome to the forum! Sure, there are many courses available online, but I suggest you start by going through books and videos to gain an idea on what the. market has to offer. Later on, if you wish to learn a course, it can add to your skills. Good luck!


Hey, there's no need to spend your hard-earned cash on a course. There is a wealth of valuable information available here. Use it to expand your knowledge and grow as a person.


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Hi, welcome to the forum! There are many courses available online if you really want to do one but I suggest you consider researching the basics on your own first. There’s a variety of learning material online like books, videos to browse through. Later on, if you still want to join a course, that’s your call. Good luck!


Hi, welcome to the forum! You can find many courses available online if that’s what you're looking for but if you're just starting out in the market, you have to have a strong foundation before you begin. Hence, start by research and analysing the market sentiment. Later on, you could do a course. Good luck!


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Welcome to the forum, Andrew! There are many courses available online but I suggest you learn through books and videos first. Self learning is a good way to grasp information quickly. Good luck for your journey ahead!


Hi, welcome to the forum, you will find many courses online but I think it's best if you do it later. First get an understanding of the market on the whole and when you spend some time analysing and scanning, it’ll give your knowledge more meaning to do a course.
I wouldn’t recommend you to purchase a course because information to learn forex is freely available. Start with babypips.com. There is a free course that is quite helpful. You can also explore youtube as there are plenty of good youtubers. Research thoroughly! You will find plenty of information to learn and absorb.


If you want to learn how to trade forex. There are thousands of courses available on the internet. Use them to your advantage. However, you do not need any paid courses at the start of your trading career. Everything can be learned online and for free.


Hi there, you can find many courses online but there is nothing like spending time researching and understanding the market functions on your own. It gives you room to build a perspective on the market. You could also practice on a demo account to find out your style of trading. Best of luck.


Hi. If you are planning to buy a course, I would recommend not to do that. There are free courses and video lessons that you find on the Internet and Youtube. Please refer to those. If needed, then you can buy a paid course. Good luck!
Hi there, most welcome to be part of this forum. You can find many courses online but I suggest you do a course after spending some time learning from free resources. If you have any concerns, do share. Traders here are helpful, good luck.
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