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Hi Traders, Does someone has a Forex course ? I like to learn it


Use the internet to help you learn and improve your knowledge. This forum is also an excellent source of information. There are many more on the internet that are similar to this one.
Hi, you can find many courses online available for free but I suggest you practice on a demo account first. Gain some perspective and then do a course. Good luck.


You can find thousands, if not millions, of useful resources on the internet to learn about the market and trading. There is no shortage of educational material. You simply need to gather your will to learn and work hard and then dive into the vast ocean of currencies.


There are many courses on forex trading but I recommend learning with demo accounts and videos.
Demo accounts are the ideal way to learn Forex trading. Demo accounts allow you to trade without risking any money and you can access them from anywhere in the world. When you sign up for a demo account, you will be given a set of instructions on how to trade successfully.
I never paid a penny to learn trading. Everything is available a button away. Research and you will find good and free resources to learn trading. Best of luck!


Hi there! There are many good forex courses available online. But I’ll recommend to you the Babypips course - School of Pipsology. It is a highly detailed, structured course, explained in a beautiful manner that will help you learn. You need to be consistent with your studies so that you finish all chapters thoroughly.


Don’t give up on paid courses! You should check the free course available on babypips. Or you can watch youtube videos, which are nice to take knowledge from traders for free!


Hi there, you can find many courses online. Checkout the Pipsology course on BabyPips, it’s informational and easy to comprehend. Good luck.


Numerous courses are offered online, both for a fee and for no charge. At first, you should only select free courses; if those are insufficient for your learning needs, you can then select paid courses.


Although there are many paid and free courses available, you should go with the one that covers the most information. However, looking for a free course will provide you a foundation and familiarise you with the market and you can decide whether to start trading or not.


Hello! New traders are recommended to start their trading journey with the free course on Babypips. You can also watch youtube videos to have a grip on how strategies work.

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I would recommend new traders to start their forex journey from the free course available on Babypips. You can also check out warrior trading on Youtube to clear technical aspects of trading, which is a great place to start your journey into the world of currency trading. Best Free Forex Signals Online
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