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Hi there. I go by the name swillsigner. I av actually been trading for a long time back. But currently am a forex webinar on YouTube so I decided to share my experience.... Am an anti-indicator trader. I trade with price action , supply and demand(snd) zone to be specific...I will try to explain few tips on how to be a better trader with the snd zone in my future post.hoping that someone here might benefit ...... Really nice to meet you all...

Welcome to real forex traders forum. Please feel free to share your real trading experience and you can ask any question to our forex experts, who are really very experienced.

Your analysis and insights on hedge funds, currency trading and forex market will always be much appreciated at forum.forex

Thanks and best regards

Hello, welcome to the forum. Looking forward to reading all about your experience as an experienced trader. Wishing you good luck!
Hello and welcome to the community. I hope we all can gain some useful trading tips from you about trading.
Hello there, and welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay here, and share some helpful trading tips from your personal experience as well!
Hi, welcome to the forum. I wish you a great trading journey ahead! Hope to get some useful piece of advice from you about the market.
Hello, welcome to the community.
As a person who prefers indicators and price actions both, I find it interesting to hear the judgments about people who are against any one of the two.
I hope we can all get some helpful tips from you as well.
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