Hi traders .. just a quick introduction about myself

Hi there, welcome to the forex family. Here, you’re welcome to share your experience and learn with us! Let’s grow as traders. Sending you positive vibes! Cheers!
Hello there! I would like to hear more about trading theories and ideas with the supply and demand zone because that is not so well known to me. Thankyou for your efforts, and I’ll definitely give you a follow on Youtube.
Hello and welcome. Looking forward to learning from you and it’s always a pleasure to have an experienced trader on the platform to share their knowledge.
Hello swillsigner. I hope you are in good health.
As you have been trading for quite some time now, maybe you can share with us some of the best trading tips? It will be interesting to know.
Hello Swillsigner, welcome to the forum. Happy to see an experienced trader like you on the platform. Looking forward to your posts and I am sure we will get to learn a lot from you.
Hello and welcome to the forex forum. I will be looking forward to reading your valuable tips and insightful comments.
Hello, I am sure that you would be enjoying your trading career. We would love to hear about your trading experience.
Hey, nice to meet you too. Would like to know your experiences and about your trading journey. Tell us how you started trading and how profitable it has been for you.
Hey there! I was looking for someone who uses an anti-indicator approach. Finally I got someone to explain it here! Hope to learn about it from you!
Hi, it is great to see this forum growing with the number of people interested in trading! Welcome and share your thoughts and experience so far. Would love to know the tips! Good luck for the rest of your journey!
Hi swillsigner. I hope we can get some useful information from you, you sound like an experienced trader.
Hope you have a great day ahead!
Hi there. I go by the name swillsigner. I av actually been trading for a long time back. But currently am a forex webinar on YouTube so I decided to share my experience.... Am an anti-indicator trader. I trade with price action , supply and demand(snd) zone to be specific...I will try to explain few tips on how to be a better trader with the snd zone in my future post.hoping that someone here might benefit ...... Really nice to meet you all...

That's great to hear swillsigner, I also use to check some webinars and Livestream in WikiFx website, lead by forex mentors like you, hope to see you there soon to give us more information
Hello and welcome to the community. I hope we all can gain some useful trading tips from you about trading.

Yes we hope to get more tips 😊. I also found some websites that we can get some free trading tips including information about the broker we are trading at WikiFx website
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