Hi traders .. just a quick introduction about myself

Hello Swillsigner, welcome to the forum. Feel free to share your experience with us and would love to get some useful tips from you.
Hello everyone! How is your trading going on? It’s been a roller coaster ride since forever for me. The current downward movements are giving a hard time. How are you dealing with the market changes?
Hi, how has your journey been so far? Do share any tips and experiences where you learnt and grew into a better trader. It will help everyone here. Good luck for the rest of your journey!
Hello, I do use some indicators for trading but I am interested to know about your pure price action strategy. Please share some insights with us.
Hello and I am also a new member on the forum. Hope you are doing well and actively trading as well. Would love to hear more about your trading experience.
Hello there. It's great to have you in our community. Continue to learn because that is the only way to earn money. Don't hunt for shortcuts because they frequently lead traders astray.
Welcome to the forum! Your knowledge will be valuable here if you share it with us. Looking forward to learning some interesting and new things from you.
Welcome to the forum and looking forward to your tips on price action trading. Indicators are useful but they aren’t 100% reliable all the time. So, it is good if beginners learn to analyse the market first before entering a trade. Feel free to share your experience and insights with us.
Thank you, swillisigner. I also support manual trading. I'd love to receive everything you've shared. Continue to share.
Hey there, Welcome to the journey of all the ups and downs. Make sure you clear your concepts and do share your experiences with us.
Hi. Make sure you don’t risk money until you have a full understanding of the functioning of the market. Research and consistency will determine your success. Best of luck.
Hi there. I go by the name swillsigner. I av actually been trading for a long time back. But currently am a forex webinar on YouTube so I decided to share my experience.... Am an anti-indicator trader. I trade with price action , supply and demand(snd) zone to be specific...I will try to explain few tips on how to be a better trader with the snd zone in my future post.hoping that someone here might benefit ...... Really nice to meet you all...

I see some traders like to trade-based price action and support resistance because simpler than using indicators. Whatever trading strategy is used, needs risk management to prevent false trading due to uncertain market conditions.
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