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Is the true value of USD/CHF around 0.95?


Staff member
Lately USD/CHF does appear to be undervalued, if you look at the more prestigious status of the Swiss Franc as a safe haven currency. Is CHF way too weak now?

0.95 is my preferred target... any views?


New member
Dollar sets out toward weekly decline as data and exchange pressures weigh:

The dollar nursed seven days of misfortunes on Friday, hit by anxiety on exchange and mixed signals about the U.S. economy, while the British pound stood tall as bets firmed that Prime Minister Boris Johnson can win a commanding electoral victory.

The places for safe the Japanese yen and Swiss franc were demand as a hedge against Sino-U.S. Collapsing trade talks, and as financial investors worried that U.S. jobs figures due later in the day may neglect to convey a normal bounce back.

Source: Leveraqe.com
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